Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chye Ting Lih From Malaysia

This is an old news but I just want to share with you about this girl from Malaysia and her name is Chye Ting Lih who used to be a top model in Malaysia.

Apparently she was getting even famoust due to her leaked sex video with her boy friend but exactly is her not still unknown because her face is not exaclty very clear in the video.

If you're wondering how an typical Malaysian girl are looked like, she is a good sample for you to look at. Of course, this kind of body and look are better than the average females in Malaysia.

In this past few years, sex scandal is becoming famous and famous. Perhaps this is due to the technology advacement. I wonder if you guys also keep something like this? Do you have your own private video?

Okay to be honest to all of you, I did make my own video but I delete immediately after I recorded it. Who dare to really keep it?

A guy friend of mine did told me he used this as "token", like collecting a "token" for his accomplishments. What the heck?

Okay, back to Chye Ting Lih. I think she is really a pretty girls and it looks "clean" too. If the girl in the video is really her, that guy is really damn lucky! :)

She looks innocent and serious too. :) At the same time, I pity on her as well. Too bad...

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