Monday, August 1, 2011

FAMOUS Hong Kong entertainer

A FAMOUS Hong Kong entertainer who appears in nude photos that were leaked on the Internet lashed out at movie star Edison Chen, who shot the pictures, for failing to protect the women in the images.

It was the first time actress Cecilia Cheung has spoken out since the photos Chen took of her and seven other local stars performing sex acts with him were widely circulated last year, setting off a scandal that shocked the Chinese-speaking community.

Chen testified on Monday against a Hong Kong computer technician charged with stealing the photos from the actor's laptop. The 28-year-old, whose credits include Infernal Affairs and The Grudge 2, apologised for the photos and has since stayed out of the public eye.

Last week Chen said he hoped everyone who suffered as result of the scandal would recover emotionally and insisted that their well-being was more important than his.

'I've always said the scandal is my fault. ... If lashing out at me will ease her pain, I'm willing to shoulder more,' he wrote in a statement on Friday, referring to Cheung.
An emotional Cheung said in an interview with Hong Kong's i-CABLE Entertainment News Channel aired late on Friday that Chen failed to prevent the pictures from being circulated and never apologised to her personally.
'If you're sincere about taking responsibility for your mistakes, at the very least you should call us personally to say sorry,' she said.
'How dare you say you protected us and hope we will recover?' said Cheung - whose acting credits include The Promise and One Nite in Mongkok - noting that the photos were still online. -- AP
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