Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Double crown for leggy beauty

ZANA Joelle Chin has two crowns in her bag – Miss Perak Model Of The World 2008 and Miss Malaysia International Model Of The Year 2008.
It was double happiness for the undergraduate business student at Universiti Putra Malaysia but it also changed her previously laidback lifestyle. Zana, 20, will represent Malaysia at the Miss International Model Of The Year 2008 in Korea in September. The 178cm leggy lass will also act as tourism ambassador for Perak and promote the State’s attractions such as the caves of Ipoh, beaches of Pangkor Island, Kellie’s Castle in Batu Gajah, Royal Belum Forest near Grik as well as local food like Ipoh chicken rice and bean sprouts, Ipoh kway teow and white coffee. Tell us about your most interesting travel experience. Penang. There’s just not enough time to discover the many tourism places such as beaches, temples and other heritage buildings including museums. Then, there’s the spicy nonya food which I love. It’s also wonderful that Penang has made it into the Unesco World Heritage List.

Have you ever had a really bad experience?
Yes, on my way to the USA, I threw up in the airplane and felt weak throughout the tour.

How best do you unwind during your holiday?
I like visiting cultural and historical places and meeting people.

What type of holidays do you prefer?
Relaxing ones. I’m never tired of going to Penang, no matter how many times I’ve been there. Walking and relaxing on the sandy beaches is very therapeutic.

What can’t you leave home without when you travel?
Lip balm and moisturiser as my lips and skin easily get swollen under sun.

Which is your favourite holiday destination in Malaysia? Definitely Penang.

What’s the best hotel you’ve stayed in so far? Why?
The Palace of The Golden Horses. Incredible! Good services and the bedroom is comfortable and spacious.

What or who do you miss most on vacation?
My family, as we are all very close. What do you hate most while travelling? The humid weather.

Where next would you like to go?
Pulau Redang and do lots of scuba diving and snorkelling.

Where would you recommend your friends to go?
It depends. If they love food, I’d recommend Ipoh for chicken kway teow soup and white coffee.

What was the best thing you bought on your travels and where? Clothes in Kuala Lumpur.

What was the best food you ever tasted during your travels and where?
I like the seafood at Kuala Sepetang near Taiping in Perak. Delicious and fresh.

Any advice or tips for travellers?
Be careful with your belongings especially at places like taxi stands, airport terminals and jetties.

Any comment on Malaysian tourism: places of interest, services, etc?
Every State is unique. You have to discover it for yourself. Please ensure cleanliness and security in the country.

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