Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's forget the other thing and talk some lesson learned in bed

Since the latest Malaysian sex video scandal hit the media a few days ago I've been deluged, well almost, by requests to blog about it on Niamah!!! Some concerned readers also asked after my health and liberty seeing that I'd been quiet so long inspite of the "hot" topics available to Niamah!!! about.

Thank you all for your concern. I am well. And free. The reason why I have not blogged about the latest sex scandal to hit Malaysian politics is simply because, as a Malaysian I am just so totally sick to my stomach that I cannot think of anything remotely humourous to write about. That concerns the sex video thing.

Isn't possession, much less viewing and inviting others to view pornography a crime?

If this Datuk T is sure that the man in the video is the Opposition leader and therefore not fit to lead the nation then why doesn't he (Datuk T) just come out and say so and hand the video to the police for investigation?
Why does this Datuk T use the video to threaten this Opposition leader and by default threaten all Malaysians?
Why does Anwar have to defend himself the way he does? It was never reported in the press that it was him. At least not by name? Doesn't he have better things to do?
How come this sex scandal revelation is so timely one? Just before elections in Sarawak?
Sorry, I've just done what I said I would not do. Sorry ah. A friend just reminded me about something.
"Patrick, you really stupid or just pretending? Just think about it. What was the biggest issue before this? The BM Bibles fiasco, right? And it happened in Sarawak which is a votes goldmine for BN/Umno. Right? Not a good thing for BN/Umno, right? So, since the sex video scandal hit the media how much have you thought about the Bibles issue? Not much right? Nothing in the press, right? Not much online either, right?"
Errrr....enuf said la, I think.

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